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  • Where can I find the ingredients list for my items?
    All of our products will come with ingredient labels attached with allergens shown in bold. It is worth noting that all of our products are made in a small, open-plan kitchen that handles all allergens and most of our items include some or all of: Gluten, Eggs, Milk, Soya and Sulphur Dioxide If you have any doubts or questions on ingredients or allergens, we'll be happy to help! Just send us an email at
  • Do you have anything vegan?
    Oh yes! We want to be able to cater to as many people as we can so most of our products have a vegan alternative so just take a look at our cake menu and look out for a green 'V' or just shop our vegan range in our shop! We have tried and tested our recipes to make sure that our vegan alternatives are as close to the non-vegan version as possible - we've done our best so that you just can't tell the difference!
  • Do you have Gluten Free alternatives?
    We can offer our cakes as gluten free however we have not tested our treat box items using gluten free alternatives. We also recommend that if you have a severe gluten allergy or suffer from coeliac' s disease, you do not order from us. Although we do our best to keep all ingredients separate and follow all relevant guidelines for handling allergens, we are not a dedicated gluten free bakery. We work in a small, open plan kitchen which handles all allergens so although we do our very best to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot 100% guarantee that there is no cross-contamination If you would still like to order some gluten free cakes from us, we'd be happy to help however in doing so you agree to have read and understood our disclaimers & terms regarding allergens and understand that Full Fat Baking will not take responsibility for any ill health or the like as a result.
  • I have a severe allergy, can you make me a cake?
    We recommend that if you have a severe allergy to GLUTEN, NUTS, PEANUTS, SESAME, MILK, EGGS, SOYA, MUSTARD or SULPHUR DIOXIDE, you do not order from us. Although we do our best to keep all ingredients separate and follow all relevant guidelines for handling allergens, we are not a dedicated allergen free bakery. We work in a small, open plan kitchen which handles all allergens so although we do our very best to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot 100% guarantee that there is no cross-contamination If you would still like to order something from us, we'd be happy to help however in doing so you agree to have read and understood our disclaimers & terms regarding allergens and understand that Full Fat Baking will not take responsibility for any ill health or the like as a result.
  • What happens if you cancel my order?
    In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your order for any reason, then we will give you as much notice as possible and discuss the matter with you to agree a suitable alternative. Where appropriate we will help find another baker who could help accommodate your order.
  • Can I order a celebration cake?
    Of course! The flavours we offer are on our Cake Menu page along with different fillings. Example prices can be found on our homepage. Just get in touch to let us know what you'd like, when for and how many people it's for and we'll provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have! You can contact us at or through our Get In Touch page. If you're looking for something specific in terms of design, please come armed with some images!
  • How big are your cakes?
    The standard sizes we offer are bento, 6inch and 8inch cakes. Our bento cake are suitable for 2-4 people, 6inch cakes will feed 12-14 people and our 8inch will feed 26-40 people with quite generous slices. We do also offer cupcake boxes, 10inch square cakes and other custom shapes or tiered cakes If you're looking for something a bit more custom or a tiered cake, please don't hesitate to get in touch as we should be able to help!
  • Do you do cupcakes?
    Yep! All of our flavours on our Cake Menu page can be made into cakes or cupcakes! Just get in touch if you're interested in a cupcake box We do also offer toppers for cupcakes and colours to match your theme - some examples can be found on our Homepage
  • How many cupcakes can I get?
    Our cupcakes come in boxes of multiples of 6, so 6, 12, 18 etc. So yes, there is a minimum order of 6 cupcakes but trust us, they're worth it!
  • How long will my cakes stay fresh?
    All of our cakes are homemade and therefore do not use any artificial preservatives. We recommend eating them straight away when they are at their best, however, if you need to collect/deliver your cakes the day before you plan to eat them, that's absolutely fine! Just follow our storage advice in the next question. We recommend our cakes are consumed within 2-3 days when they'll be at their best but each of our cakes will come with a 'Best Before' date on the label.
  • How do I store my cakes?
    For cupcakes, we recommend keeping them in their box or an airtight container at room temperature, in a cool & dry place. If the weather is quite warm though, we recommend they get put in the fridge. For buttercream or ganache covered cakes, we recommend these are kept in the fridge or at room temperature in a cool, dry place in its box. If keeping in the fridge, please allow the cake to come to room temperature before serving For fondant covered cakes, we strongly recommend these are kept at room temperature in a cool, dry place prior to serving. Fondant can get "sweaty" in the fridge and will take a long time to dry up and may affect the design of your cake. However if you don't plan to eat it straight away, we recommend keeping it in the fridge in it's box and then pull it out of the fridge a few hours before serving to give it enough time to dry up.
  • How much will my cake cost?
    Our cake prices will vary depending on the size and design you choose! The more complicated the cake, the more it will cost as most of the charge will cover labour cost to make your delicious and awesome looking cake! Some example prices can be found on our Homepage If you'd like to get a price for a cake, then we'd be happy to help! Just send us an email at
  • How much do your cupcakes cost?
    Our cupcakes prices start from £20 for a box of 6 with prices increasing for larger boxes. Any toppers or customisations you'd like may incur an additional charge Get in touch with us at to enquire about prices
  • How much notice do you need?
    Please allow 4 weeks notice for a celebration cake or cupcake order - we may be able to take orders closer to when you need them by however we can get quite busy so we can't always guarantee we'll be able to help! So please allow as much time as possible, ideally 4 weeks.
  • Can you do an exact copy of a cake I found online?
    Every baker and cake decorator is considered to be an artist so it wouldn't be fair to copy someone else's work exactly, this also goes against copy right laws. So, we cannot do an exact replica of a cake unless it's one of our own, however we can follow the same style as that in your image with some slight variations. If you aren't sure, just ask! :)
  • Will my treat box fit through the letterbox?
    We pride ourselves on making BIG, CHUNKY bakes, which don't fit in a letterbox sized box, so unfortunately (or fortunately!!) your box will not fit through the letterbox. However, don't worry, we put all of our boxes in water proof mailing bags just in case it rains - nobody wants a soggy cookie! Just make sure somebody is in or arrange a safe place for when your delivery is due
  • I've ordered some treats, now what?
    Once you've placed your order, you will get an automated email confirming it. All of our baked goods are made to order so please allow 3-5 business days from confirmation until dispatch. If you haven't received a dispatch email after 1 week just send us a quick note at with your order number and we'll figure out what's gone wrong!
  • I want to cancel my treat box subscription - how do I do it?
    Well firstly, we're really sad to see you go but we also understand that things change! We also hate it when unsubscribing from a service is super complex however due to the limitations of our website provider we don't currently have the ability to add a button for customers to cancel their own subscriptions. However, if you just get in touch with us at we'll cancel it for you, no questions asked or sales pitch - we promise!
  • Why don't you do a pick & mix box?
    Well we'd like to but we are still quite a small business with everything being made to order so unless lots of people ordered the same things you'd like in a box, we may have a lot of wastage and nobody wants to waste a good cookie!! So for now, we hope you enjoy what we have on offer!
  • Why are your bakes so big????
    Simple answer - why not? We LOVE sweet things here at Full Fat Baking and never want that delicious treat to end so the bigger the better in our eyes! But don't worry, bigger doesn't mean any less flavour or quality!! If you're struggling to finish off your treats, just save them for later or store them based on our care guides that will come in your treat box
  • My order hasn't arrived, can you help?
    Once orders leave our premises we do not hold responsibility for their whereabouts. However, if your order hasn't arrived within a week of receiving your dispatch email, feel free to send us an email at with your order number and we'll do what we can to look into it
  • Do you do cakes/cupcakes for weddings or events?
    We absolutely do! We can do tiered cakes or as many cupcakes as you need. And if you have any wacky or quirky ideas, even better! Just get in touch at with some general info on what you're looking for and we can have a chat about it all!
  • How much notice do you need?
    Short answer? As much as possible please!! Event cakes/cupcakes tend to take up a lot of time and need more planning than other cakes so please get in touch with us at least 3 months before your event If you are getting in touch with less than 3 months to go, we will try to do our best to help you however we can't make any promises I'm afraid.. Just send us an email at and we can have a chat :)
  • Will you deliver and set up our cakes?
    Yep, we can do that! However, this will come at a small fee calculated based on distance and complexity of getting your cake into the venue (if we can't get close to the venue by car and it's only accessible by climbing a mountain & fighting a dragon or by raft or something (pretty overexaggerated examples, we know..) then a small fee will be added). Typically this fee won't break the bank but will cover our fuel and time. This will be added to the quote once we've had a chat about your needs/wants for your event
  • I need a cake stand for my event, can you help?
    We certainly can! However, we do not currently offer a rental service for stands - we can help supply one and set it up on the day but the stand will be yours to keep
  • Can I have a cake tasting session?
    Of course! We offer cake tasting sessions for those that want it and we can book this in when you get in touch. There is a small fee of £10 per couple (or individual if you'd prefer to come alone) which will be deducted from the final price of your order if you decide to choose us to provide your cakes. If for whatever reason you decide to go elsewhere, then I'm afraid the cake tasting fee is non-refundable.
  • Do you do wedding favours?
    We can do, yes! We can do whatever you like as favours (macarons, brownies, cupcakes etc) but one of the favourites is an iced biscuit. Our customers tend to go for a round sugar cookie which is iced to match their wedding invite with their initials and wedding date piped on top but we can do anything you like - the weirder the better in our opinion! Just get in touch at and we can have a chat :)
  • I've ordered a celebration cake/cupcakes, can you deliver?
    Yep, within reason! We'll deliver locally (up to 1hr drive) for a small fee which will added to your quote
  • Can I collect my cake/cupcakes?
    Yep :) just let us know when you need your cake for and we'll arrange a collection time that works for everyone. There is no additional charge for collection
  • How do I get my treat boxes?
    If you're local to Romsey, you can opt to collect your treat box at no fee. We will ship throughout the UK using Royal Mail or other couriers. A delivery fee will be calculated at checkout and you will be able to choose your preferred delivery/collection method
  • Do you have a shop?
    Nope! We are a small, home-bakery based in Romsey, Hampshire. Our ambition is to one day have a cake and board games cafe/shop but for now you can buy all our treats through our website or get in touch for other orders :)
  • What's the process for placing an order?
    If you want a treat box, just go to our online shop and add things to your basket as you would any other online shop! If you're ordering a cake or something for an event, get in touch with us through our 'Get In Touch' page or by emailing us directly at Once we've had a chat (and a cake tasting if applicable), we'll send you a quote through Ascend straight to your inbox. You'll have 30 days to review - if you're happy with it, then you can accept the quote through the Ascend portal. Once we've received your acceptance, we'll send you a formal invoice in the same way. For custom orders like these, we ask for a 20% deposit up front - you'll be able to pay this through the portal. You can choose to pay the full amount up front or up to 2 weeks prior to your requested delivery/collection date. Once the deposit has been paid, that's it! No more to do until paying the final sum :)
  • Help! I need to make a change to my order!
    If this change is regarding a postal order, if it hasn't been dispatched yet then get in touch with us as soon as possible at and we'll do our best to accommodate any changes. Unfortunately, if your order has been dispatched we won't be able to accommodate any changes If you'd like to make a change to a cake or event order, then please contact us immediately. We'll assess your change request and let you know its effect on the price and any agreed timetable. Any alterations requested less than 2 weeks before completion may be subject to a surcharge.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We completely understand that there may be a change in circumstances or a cancellation of the event you are holding. However, if you'd like to cancel your custom order and there is more than 2 weeks until your event, and you have paid the full amount for your order, we will refund the amount paid (minus deposit). If you are requesting a cancellation within 2 weeks of your scheduled delivery/collection date, it is up to Full Fat Baking's discretion as to whether a refund will be issued as preparations may have already begun and supplies acquired in order to complete your order. All deposits paid upfront are non-refundable.
  • What do I do if I'm not happy with my order?
    We aim to provide our customers with great bakes and excellent service. Each complaint is reviewed on a case by case basis, striving to resolve the issue swiftly and fairly while considering all of the information to hand. If you're unhappy with your order, then please send us an email at with all the details and any images you may have of the issue and we will do our best to respond within 48hrs with a resolution. Any complaints received for custom cakes after 72hrs of delivery/collection cannot be accommodated. Upon delivery or collection we also ask that our customers check that they are happy with our work and the design of the cake. Once they leave our care, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure safe travel and storage of the cakes so that they maintain their quality until being served.
  • I'd love to give you some feedback, how do I do that?
    We'd love to heat your thoughts on your recent order and/or experience with us! If you'd like to give us some feedback then feel free to email us at , send us a message on social media or better yet, leave us a review on our google page at the link below 😊 💜 Any feedback or nice words are greatly appreciated as they help us improve. And any public reviews will help our little business get found and grow! 💜
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